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Get Rid of Mold & Mildew in the Bathroom

If you’re having trouble getting rid of mold & mildew, you’re not alone. Mold & mildew thrives in dark, damp places with high humidity and low ventilation, so it’s the bane of every bathroom cleaner. Mold & mildew will grow in the shower, on the tub, tiles, walls and floor. It grows quickly in areas […]

Cleaning for a Reason

DUST BUNNIES OF ERIE IS MAKING A POSITIVE IMPACT IN THEIR COMMUNITY BY HELPING WOMEN WITH CANCER   Erie, Pa–April 14, 2015- Dust Bunnies of Erie is doing what it knows best while making a difference in the lives of cancer patients. They’re giving women battling the disease the gift of a clean home. Women undergoing cancer treatment no […]

10 Must Have Cleaning Products

The 10 must have cleaning products cover a multitude of cleaning solutions from windows to counter tops to wood floors, tile floors, carpeting, furniture, clothing and more. The amount of cleaning you have to do may seem daunting, but these ten products will help you conquer the task. Checklist: 10 Must Have Cleaning Products Each […]

2014 Holiday Announcement

Happy Holidays Because the goodwill of those we serve is the foundation of our success, it's a real pleasure at this holiday time to say "thank you" as we wish you a full year of happiness and success. Dust Bunnies of Erie Please note that our office will be closed Wednesday December 24, 2014 to Friday January 2, […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

It is so great to see such an uprising in awareness of ALS and donations donated to the cause with the latest trend of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”. The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions for the cause and has went viral across Social Media. Here are some quick reference facts about ALS: • Most […]

Now offering TWC WiFi Hotspot

Dust Bunnies of Erie is proud to now offer free WIFI and be part of TWC WiFi Hotspots. Access to the Dust Bunnies of Erie TWC WiFi hotspot is free for all TWC Internet customers at the Standard Internet level or higher. You can find hotspots nationwide using the Coverage Map. You can also locate […]

Cleaning In Between Visits

Your cleaning in between visits can depend on three things:  1) how often you have housekeeping service  2)  your standards  for an acceptably clean house and 3) the number of high maintenance items you have, like clear glass shower doors, for instance.  But most people find they don’t need to do a lot of cleaning in between […]