Residential Cleaning Prices

Residential Cleaning PricesThere are many factors involved in determining the price of cleaning your home. We consider your home’s size, condition, location, your needs and preferences, the number of occupants, presence of pets, and frequency of cleaning. We custom price each home and provide you with a price quote during our free, no obligation, on-site consultation. You can also obtain an estimate over the phone, or online, by completing the Price Quote Request form.

Our first visit to your house we will do a very detailed deep cleaning to get things in shape, from baseboards to ceiling fans and everything in-between. This is where we have the chance to clean everything especially areas that might have been overlooked and ignored for a while.

Once we have done the initial cleaning, which also gives us the chance to get to know your house and your needs and concerns, we can then give you a fixed rate for subsequent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits. These types of cleanings are usually done with one or two cleaning associates, depending on the number of rooms and condition of the areas being serviced.

The table below indicates a starting price for your selected service. Please feel free to use our online cleaning quote tool for your actual costs. You may also contact us at any time if you have any questions.

ApartmentsHouses & Condos
Recurring CleaningStarting at $59Starting at $79
One Time CleaningStarting at $104Starting at $144
Move-In Move-Out CleaningStarting at $1742 hour minimum

Hourly Rates

Our flexibility ensures that we have something for everyone! We are very pleased to offer our clients any and all of our services under one hourly rate. As a Dust bunnies of Erie client, you have the unique opportunity to decide how many hours you’d like to pay for at the time of your booking, or, we can simply send our Dust Bunnies over and turn them loose! However you’d like to do it is fine with us!

The following table are the price ranges for cleaning typical homes on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. These prices do not include Pennsylvania Sales Tax and our extra services.


* Please note that there is a two hour minimum associated with all our hourly rates.

Again, if you choose to go hourly, ALL of your Home and Office services are covered!
There are no additional costs! JUST ONE HOURLY RATE!! You may create a checklist of your own for us to follow, or choose whatever you’d like done from our “Cleaning Addons” and we’ll make it happen!! And Remember, we bring all top of the line cleaning supplies AND all brand name/disinfectant cleaning products!!


Why not complete your cleaning package with these addons:

Inside Stove/Oven: $20.00

Inside Refrigerator: $20.00

Making Beds: $5 per bed

Interior Windows: $2.50 per inside window.

Wall washing: $40.00 per maid hour worked.

All prices are estimates until the on-site consultation is completed.